Aluminium Sheet Manufacturer

Finding a trustful aluminium sheet manufacturer is key for your large business use. There are many factors you should consider. Our company has 3 forms of aluminium sheet for you to use. Whether you need plain aluminium sheet, aluminium coil roll or patterned aluminum checker plates, our company can meet your needs. Meanwhile, we can provide you pure aluminium, aluminum manganese alloy sheets and aluminum magnesium aluminum. It is applicable for you to apply these aluminum for different application. Especially, there are some special aluminium alloy sheets we can supply. For example, we have marine grade aluminium sheets for your ship building. Our marine aluminum plate can meet the standard for manufacturing boat. And we have been supplying this kind of aluminum sheets all over the world for many years. Besides, our 5754 h114 5 bar aluminum are specially used for wind power generation tower building. If you do not know how to choose aluminum for your own business, you can contact us and our sales will recommend for you with professional attitude.

At the same time, buying aluminum sheet from our company, you do not need to worry about the quality. Whether during our production process or testing process, our factory applies advanced equipment and instrument for making sure the quality of finished aluminum plate.

Aluminium sheet and coil products list Climb aluminium plate manufacturer provided

As an experienced aluminium plate manufacturer, Climb has 3 main types of aluminum sheet for your reference. There are non-embossed plain aluminium sheets and embossed aluminium checkered plates. And we can also provide aluminium sheet roll. Meanwhile, our factory can produce various sizes according to your own needs. It is worth to mention that the width can achieve 2250mm, which has great advantages.

Plain aluminium sheet for sale

The plain aluminium plate without patterns in Climb is our main products. This type of aluminium sheets are popular among our customers. We have 1000 series pure aluminium, 3000 series aluminium sheets, 5000 series aluminum and 6000 series aluminum plates. And all of these aluminium can be thin and thick. The thin flat aluminium sheets can be 0.2mm to 6mm thickness. At the same time, if you need thick aluminum plate sheets, we can offer you thickness between 6mm and 300mm.

5A05 Aluminum Plate

5A05 5A06 Aluminum Plate

5A05 5A06 aluminum plate are special among all the 5000 series aluminium alloy. It has higher magnesium content than the ...
Pure Aluminium Sheet

Pure Aluminium Sheet

Pure aluminium sheet is a kind of aluminium sheets, whose aluminium content is above 99%. The 1050 aluminium, 1060 aluminum ...
5251 Aluminum Sheet

5251 Aluminium Sheet

5251 aluminium sheet is a kind of 5000 series aluminium magnesium alloy aluminium plates. While, different from other 5000 series ...
5454 Aluminum Sheet

5454 Aluminum Sheet

5454 aluminum sheet is one of the high Al-Mg aluminium alloy plates. It is similar with 5052 aluminium alloy sheets, ...
Factory Price 5086 Aluminum Plate

5086 Aluminum Plate

5086 aluminum plate is typical among 5000 series aluminium magnesium alloy sheets. We can provide different tempers, thickness and width ...
1050 aluminum sheet

Aluminium Grade 1050

Aluminium grade 1050 is one of the pure aluminum sheets. It has similar properties and chemical contents with both 1060 ...
1100 Aluminum Sheet

1100 Aluminum Sheet

1100 aluminum sheet belongs to pure aluminum. It has 99% percent of aluminum. It costs less than 5000 series aluminum ...
5083 Aluminum Plate

5083 Aluminum Plate

5083 aluminum plate is one of the typical 5000 series aluminium sheets. Its main chemical compositions are aluminum and magnesium ...
5754 Aluminium Alloy Sheet

5754 aluminium plate

Are you looking for 5754 aluminium plate? Is it worried for you to find a trustful aluminum sheet supplier? CLIMB ...
Aluminum Grade 5052 Sheets

Aluminium Grade 5052

Aluminium grade 5052 belongs to 5000 series aluminium sheets. It is popular among our customers. This 5052 aluminium alloy has ...
Marine Grade Aluminum Sheet

Marine Grade Aluminium Sheet

With the development of ship building industry, marine grade aluminium sheet is more and more popular. Many customers use it ...
Climb 3003 Aluminum Plate

3003 Aluminum Plate

3003 aluminum plate is a popular used aluminum sheets for anti-rust using. It is similar with 1000 series aluminum sheet, ...

Patterned aluminium plate for sale

Expect for plain aluminum sheets, we also have 3 patterns of aluminum for your reference. Generally, our customers use them for anti slipping. They usually use 5 bar aluminum tread plates and our one bar diamond aluminium sheet. Meanwhile, there are stucco aluminium sheets in our factory, too. This kind of orange peel aluminium checkered plates often be used in refrigerator, freezer, etc.

Aluminum Diamond Plate

Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate

Aluminum diamond tread plate is a type of aluminium checker plates. Its main point is anti slipping. Its pattern on ...
Stucco Aluminum Sheet

Stucco Aluminum Sheet

Stucco aluminum sheet is one type of aluminum checker plates. It is also called orange peel aluminum sheets. Its surface ...
5 bar Aluminium Checker Plate

5 Bar Aluminium Checker Plate

5 bar aluminium checker plate is also called antiskid aluminum plate. Climb has many aluminum 5 bar checkered sheets for ...
Aluminium Tread Plate

Checkered Aluminum Sheet

Checkered aluminum sheet is a popular products in Climb. Most of our customers use it for anti slipping. We have ...

Hot sale thin aluminium sheet roll

It is available to make the thin aluminium sheets into rolls. The aluminium sheets, whose thickness is between 0.2mm and 4mm, can be rolled into aluminium coil. In a general way, the length of aluminium coil roll has no limit. But it should be noted that the weight is about 3.5 tons per aluminium coil roll at most. If you are looking for a thin aluminum sheet manufacturer, please contact us without hesitation.

Recommendations of commonly used aluminium sheet in Climb

Henan Climb Aluminium Co., Ltd. is an experienced aluminium sheet supplier. And our factory is a professional aluminium sheet manufacturer for about 20 years. There are different aluminium plate grades for you to choose. We can produce 1000 series pure aluminum sheets, 3000 series aluminium manganese alloy plates, 5000 series aluminium magnesium alloy aluminum plates and 6061 aluminium for your reference. There are various specifications for you to choose. Here are 3 types hot selling aluminium sheets of Climb aluminum sheet company for recommendations.

Marine grade aluminium sheet for sale

Climb aluminum sheet for boat has good reputation in the market. Our 5083 h116 and 5083 h321 aluminium sheets are special aluminium for ship building. We have been exporting 5083 h116 marine grade aluminium sheet and 5083 h321 aluminum plates for boating building for many years. At the same time, there are also 5052 aluminum, 5086 aluminium, 5454 aluminum sheets and 6061 aluminium for your ship manufacturing use. These aluminium alloy can also be used in your ship making business. Generally, our customers use these aluminum alloy for superstructure, main hull structure, topside structure, wall structure, frame and so on. Because of the magnesium content of our 5000 series aluminium alloy, the marine grade aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance. Whether you need special aluminium sheets for boat building or other normal aluminium sheets, we can provide best price of aluminium sheet for you. Meanwhile, we have certifications for making sure the quality.

Marine Grade Aluminium Plate
Marine Grade Aluminium Plate

Marine Grade Aluminium Plate for Ship Building

Aluminum Alloy No.: 5083/5086/5052/5454

Main ingredients: Aluminium and Magnesium

Special Application: Ship Building

Available Width(mm): 800-2500

Available Thickness(mm): 0.2-170

Tempers: O-H112

Sample Size: A4 Size

Hot selling 3003 aluminum plates

Our 3003 aluminium manganese aluminum plate is good material for making roofing sheets and curtain wall. It is anti-rust. For your aluminium roofing sheets manufacturing factory, our 3003 aluminum alloy plates will be your best choice. It has light weight, which is one third the weight of steel. Meanwhile, it has high strength, you can also further process our 3003 aluminum for making better effects for your roofing sheet building business. Besides, it is applicable to coat the 3003 aluminum sheets. For example, coating with PVDF, the ageing resistance will be better. And there are also stucco embossed 3003 aluminum tread plates for making roofing sheets. Using our orange peel aluminum, the soundproofing effectiveness will be good. If you have interests on our 3003 aluminum sheet material for roofing sheets manufacturing, please contact us.

3003 Aluminum Manganese Alloy Plate
3003 Aluminum Manganese Alloy Plate

3003 Aluminum Manganese Alloy Plate

Aluminum Alloy No.: 3003

Main ingredients: Aluminium and Manganese

Main Application: Roofing Sheet Making, Curtain Wall Making, Cooking Utensil, Ship Building, etc.

Available Width(mm): 800-2500

Available Thickness(mm): 0.2-170

Tempers: O-H112

Sample Size: A4 Size

5754 h114 aluminium 5 bar patterns checker plate for sale

Our 5754 aluminium plates are attractive among our customers. Our 5754 aluminium alloy has affordable price and we can delivery it in a short time. For your 5754 aluminium sheets purchasing, you can choose our factory. For your information, our 5754 h114 five bars aluminium checkered plates are specially used for wind power generation tower building. It has light weight and good non-slip function. Meanwhile, you do not need to maintain it frequently.

Climb 5754 H114 5 Bar Aluminium Checker Plate for Wind Power Generation Towel Building
Climb 5754 H114 5 Bar Aluminium Checker Plate for Wind Power Generation Tower Building

Climb 5754 H114 5 Bar Aluminium Checker Plate for Wind Power Generation Tower Building

Aluminum Alloy No.: 5754

Main ingredients: Aluminium and Manganese

Pattern: 5 Bars

Special Application: Wind Power generation Tower Building

Available Width(mm): 800-2500

Available Thickness(mm): 1.5-6.35

Tempers: H114

Sample Size: A4 Size

How to choose different aluminium plate for your different business using?

There are many types of aluminium alloy for you to choose. They has different properties, which makes them suitable for different applications. And it is applicable to use different aluminium for same applications. Then how to choose the best one? For your first time buying, if you do not know which alloy is applicable for your business use, here are some suggestions for you.

According to the application

Our different aluminium alloy number are applicable for different applications. If you do not know which alloy is suitable for your business, you can choose according to your applications. For example, for you marine industry, you need anti-corrosion aluminium sheets for your boat building. The aluminium sheets you use should have water corrosion resistance. Our 5000 series aluminium plates have higher magnesium content than other aluminium, the high magnesium content is helpful for improving the corrosion resistance of aluminium. Thus, you can use our 5000 series aluminum plates for boat manufacturing. And for your aluminium roofing sheets making business, the aluminium sheet should be anti-rust. It is a good choice for you to use our 3003 aluminum. The manganese content of 3003 aluminium alloy sheets are helpful for rust resistance. While, if your production need aluminum with good corrosion resistance and formability but do not have strict requirements on strength, you can choose our 1000 series pure aluminium. And you can also contact us, we will recommend for you.

Do not know which aluminium alloy is suitable for your application? Please contact us for getting recommendations.

According to your budget

Generally speaking, the aluminium sheets with different chemical content can be used for same applications sometimes. For example, our 1000 series aluminium and 3003 series aluminum are applicable for making roofing sheets. And if you do not want to cost much on it, you can choose our 1000 series aluminium plate. The 1000 series aluminium is pure aluminium. Its production process and chemical content are simpler than 3003. Thus, the 1000 series aluminum is more cost-effective than 3003 aluminum alloy. For your reference, our 5000 series aluminium will cost much than pure aluminium and 3000 series aluminium, because there are magnesium content. The magnesium is expensive.

Aluminium Sheet
Aluminium Sheet

Aluminium Tread Plate
Aluminium Tread Plate

Climb Aluminium Coil with PE Film
Climb Aluminium Coil with PE Film

Production processes of Climb aluminium plate

Our factory, Wanda Aluminum has been manufacturing aluminum sheets for many years. There are about 10 workshops for manufacturing aluminum. Generally, there are hot rolling and cast rolling methods for making aluminum. Most of our 1000 series and 3000 series aluminum sheets are made through cast rolling. Meanwhile, it is available to make 1000 series, 3000 series and 5000 series aluminum sheets by using hot rolling production. Especially, making 5000 series aluminum plate, our company usually applies hot rolling production for processing. Here you can know our aluminium sheet manufacturing process in detail.

Hot rolling aluminium production process

  • Firstly, we smelt the aluminum ingots by using melting furnace. Through the melting, the aluminum ingots will be liquid aluminum. There are holding furance in our factory. The liquid will be here for serval time, and then we will put it into mold for making aluminum slabs. For your information, we will add the batched chemical content into the melting furnace with liquid aluminum. So that we can produce aluminium alloy with suitable chemical content as you required.
  • Secondly, there are two-sided milling machine and six-sided milling machines for making better aluminum slabs surface. And then these milled aluminium slabs will be put into our propelled heating furnace for heating. The heated aluminum slabs is applicable for hot rolling. We have (1+4) type 2400 hot rolling production line. It is also called rough rolling plus finishing rolling process.
  • Then, we can get D.C. aluminum mother coil. Our company has cold rolling machine for finishing again.
  • After the cold rolling, the whole aluminum plates production processes are finished. It is time for annealing. It has to be mentioned that our annealing process is free. You do not need to pay extra fee. And we will clean the annealed aluminium coil before packing. Besides, our factory can set right the flatness of aluminium coil simultaneously. For your plain aluminium sheet buying requirement, we have flying shear for turning coiled aluminium into plain aluminium sheets as your size. While, if you want to get aluminum coil roll, it is it is time to pack the finished aluminium roll.

Our hot rolling process are applicable for making thick aluminium plates. But differently, there is no cold rolling process. After the hot rolling process, we can get the finished aluminum with required thickness. As for the width and length, there are accurate saw, which can cut suitable size as you required.

Aluminium Sheet and Coil Processing Flow
Aluminium Sheet and Coil Processing Flow

Compared with hot rolling, what is the difference of cast rolling aluminum sheets production process?

Different from the hot rolling, there are no aluminum slabs. After smelting aluminum ingots and adding suitable chemical content, it is continuous casting process. The liquid aluminum will float from holding furance into cast rolling machine. And you can get C.C. mother coil. Same with the hot rolling aluminium production process, we will put the C.C. mother coil into cold rolling machine for better aluminium sheet production. After that, it is annealing process, straightening process, etc.

How does Climb make sure the aluminium plate quality as a professional aluminium plate manufacturer?

As a professional aluminium sheets and coil manufacturer, our factory has some methods for making sure the quality of products. Whether for the chemical content or the surface of aluminium sheets, our factory can guarantee them. It is no worry about the quality of Climb aluminium. Here you can know them better.

How do we make sure the quality when producing?

  • When we smelt the aluminium ingots and other chemical content, we will clean the waste slag many times. Same with the smelting process, we also clean the waste slag when holding. These can make sure there is no impurity in our aluminium sheets.
  • We have applied precise instrument for monitoring during the production process. For example, there are Multi-Function Gauge on hot rolling machine. It can monitor the flatness of aluminium sheets.
  • Meanwhile, our 1850 cold rolling machine has equipped with flatness control system from Swiss ABB company.
  • And our tension leveller is also used for setting right the flatness before packing.

Special laboratory for guarantee the aluminium sheets quality as your requirements

There are also testing laboratory for metallurgical analysis, chemical analysis and some other properties of our finished aluminum sheet. For instance, both our direct reading spectrometer and automic absorption spectrometer are used for analyzing the chemical content of finished aluminum sheets. And there are electronic tensile test machine, electronic universal tensile machine and impact testing machine for test the tensile force, tensile strength, etc. Besides, we also have a independent metallurgical analysis laboratory.

How does Climb testing the aluminium sheets and coil quality
How does Climb testing the aluminium sheets and coil quality

Cost of buying aluminium plate from Climb

Henan Climb Aluminium Co., Ltd. is a professional aluminium sheets trading company. Our factory is Henan Wanda Aluminum. Wanda has been manufacturing aluminum sheets and coils for over 20 years. And there are about 10 workshops for producing aluminium sheets. It can be guaranteed that our company can supply high quality aluminum sheets and rolls at factory price. Meanwhile, there are 1000 series pure aluminum, 3000 series aluminium alloy and 5000 series aluminium magnesium alloy sheet for you to choose. Whether you need economic aluminium or superior aluminum, we can meet your needs. Especially, there is no extra cost if you need annealed aluminium. And it is also free to use our tension leveller, which makes your aluminium sheet better appearance. And there are different sizes for you to choose. Our factory has large warehouse. It is also applicable to get quality aluminum plate and coil in our stock with good price. Meanwhile, it is available for you to buy aluminum plate online from Climb.

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