Marine Grade Aluminium Sheet

With the development of ship building industry, marine grade aluminium sheet is more and more popular. Many customers use it for manufacturing boat. CLIMB marine aluminum plates are corrosion proof. Thus, you can use it for building side and bottom of the ships in saltwater environment. Besides, we can supply 5 kinds of marine grade aluminum for sale. It is suitable for you to use them for different parts of boat. Meanwhile, these aluminum alloy plates have different properties. You can choose appropriate marine grade aluminum plate according to your own requirements.

Marine Grade Aluminum Sheet
Marine Grade Aluminum Sheet

Marine Grade Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum Alloy No.: 5086/5083/5052/5454

Main ingredients: Aluminium and Magnesium

Available Width(mm): 800-2500

Available Thickness(mm): 0.2-170

Tempers: O-H112

Sample Size: A4 Size

Which alloy are suitable for marine grade aluminium sheet?

CLIMB aluminum is a professional company for supplying 1000 series aluminum sheet, 3000 series aluminum plate, 5000 series AL-MG aluminum alloy sheets and 6061 aluminum alloy sheets. And our 5000 series aluminum alloy plates has good reputation among our customers. We can provide 5052, 5754, 5083, 5086, 5454, 5251 and 5A06 aluminum alloy for you. Especially, it is applicable for you to use our 5000 series aluminum plates for boat manufacturing. If you have interests, here you can know our aluminum alloys for marine industry.

  • Marine grade aluminum 5052 sheet has good strength. It is applicable for you to use 5052 aluminum plate for building superstructure of ship. Besides, it is also a good choice for you to making auxiliary components. The 5052 marine grade aluminium are corrosion proof. Especially, this aluminum alloy is easy for forming.
  • 5083 and 5086 are the most popular marine aluminum plate. These two marine aluminum alloys are typical for welding. Among all the non-heat treated type alloys, marine grade aluminium 5083 and 5086 have the highest strength. Meanwhile, their weldability, corrosion resistance and low temperature performance are superior. Our customers often use 5083 and 5086 marine aluminum alloy plates for making main hull structure.
  • 5454 aluminum sheet has higher strength than marine grade aluminum 5052. 5454 alloy marine aluminum sheet is applicable for ship structure. While, comparing with 5086 marine grade aluminum sheet and 5083, 5454 has moderate formability.
  • 6061 aluminum sheet is often used for topside structure, wall structure and frame. It is also corrosion resistant. Besides, through heat treatment, its strength can be higher. But its weld strength is lower than 5000 series aluminum sheet.

For your boat building business, you can contact us. Our company and factory are professional in marine grade aluminum sheets manufacturing. 

Here you can see some information about the application of our aluminum sheets for boat building use.(Just for Reference)

Aluminum Alloy No. Application
5083, 5086 Side Plating, Bottom Plate
5083 Keel, Boat Ribs, Engine Pedestal, Balwark
5083, 6061 Ribbed Plate, Bulkhead,
5052, 5083, 5086, 5454 Deck
5083, 5052 Pilot House, Funnel
3003, 3004, 5052 Roof and Side Plates

What are the advantages of CLIMB marine grade aluminium sheet?

CLIMB Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a professional aluminum sheet supplier. For supplying high quality marine aluminium sheets, we have many facilities for checking and testing the qualities of finished aluminum sheet. Thus, our company has quality assurance. Here you can know our advantages of marine grade aluminium plates.

  • Whether for our 5052, 5454, 5086, 5083 or 6061 marine aluminum plates, they are anti-corrosion. Thus, you can decrease the frequency of oiling. And this can decrease the expense and prolong the service life period of ship.
  • Our aluminum sheets for boat manufacturing have light weight. The light weight of boat can cave energy consumption.
  • It is more convenient for you to weld it and further process our marine aluminum alloy plates.
  • CLIMB aluminum sheet has quality assurance. We have sophisticated testing instruments for making sure the quality of aluminum sheet. These equipment can test the chemical component, hardness, thickness, mechanical property and so on. In addition, our aluminum plates also have many certifications, such as, ISO, CE, CCS, etc. Meanwhile, if you need, we can also accept third-party inspection.

A4 Size Marine Grade 5083
A4 Size Marine Grade 5083

A4 Size Marine Grade 5083

Aluminum Alloy No.: 5083

Main ingredients: Aluminium and Magnesium

Available Width(mm): 800-2500

Available Thickness(mm): 0.2-170

Tempers: H116/H321

Sample Size: A4 Size

Where you can use CLIMB marine grade aluminum sheet?

Generally, the marine aluminium alloy plates are often used for ship building business. Whether for your express ferries, offshore working ships or yachts, CLIMB marine aluminum is applicable. You can use this kind of aluminium sheet for shipboards, bottom plating, portholes, carrier plates and side plates of ship containers, etc.

  • CLIMB marine grade aluminum sheets are widely used for making pleasure boats. Aluminum alloy boat has light weight, it can reduce your expense for manufacturing. And the power energy consumption will be less. Meanwhile, utilizing marine aluminum for boat making, the boats will not damage easily. And because of the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy, you do not need to paint repair it frequently. Thus, if you have a yacht manufacturing company, it is a good choice for you to buy our marine aluminium plates.
  • You can use marine aluminium sheet for manufacturing fishing boat. It is applicable for making cabin. The aluminum fishingroom is water repellent and sanitary. It can reduce the corruption of the fish. Especially, our marine grade aluminum 5083 sheets has been exported to Noway for fishing boat building for many years. And we also have CCS for certifying our marine alloy aluminum sheet quality.
Climb Marine Grade Aluminum Sheet for Boat Building
Climb Marine Grade Aluminum Sheet for Boat Building

How to get economic marine grade aluminium sheet price?

CLIMB Aluminum Co., Ltd. has been cooperated with many ship building company all over the world for many years. If you want to get high quality marine grade aluminium sheet with good prices, CLIMB aluminum will be a good supplier. We have big factory for manufacturing aluminium sheet. Whether for the width or the thickness, we can meet your needs. As for the price, different alloys, width and thickness have different prices. For example, the marine grade will be more expensive than other aluminum plates. And if you need 2300mm width marine grade 5083, the price will be higher than 1500mm. As a professional marine grade aluminum sheet supplier, we can provide you factory price.

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