5454 Aluminum Sheet

5454 aluminum sheet is one of the high Al-Mg aluminium alloy plates. It is similar with 5052 aluminium alloy sheets, 5754 aluminium plates and 5083 aluminum. It is applicable for you to use it for car, tank and ship making. As some other 5000 series aluminum, 5454 also has good corrosion resistance and strong plasticity. Especially, There will be no cracks when processing. Climb has various 5454 aluminium plates for your requirements. For more applications, specifications and prices, please contact us without hesitation.

5454 Aluminum Sheet
5454 Aluminum Sheet


5454 Aluminum Sheet for Sale

Aluminum Alloy No.: 5454

Main ingredients: Aluminium and Magnesium

Available Width(mm): 800-2500

Available Thickness(mm): 0.2-170

Tempers: O-H112

Sample Size: A4 Size

How can you utilize 5454 aluminum sheet for automobile making?

5454 aluminum sheet is famous in transportation. With the development of materials manufacturing technologies, many car factory choose aluminium alloy for car making, such as family cars, SUVs and some other sports car. Meanwhile, using aluminium for making car, it also helps the development of car lightweight.

Car engine manufacturing

Engine is key for a car. Generally, its weight takes 20 percent to 30 percent of a car. And the engine body weight is 20 percent or 35 percent of the while engine. Thus, it is important to reduce the engine weight for realizing the car lightweight. 5454 aluminium plate is applicable. Its high strength, good corrosion resistance, and excellent practicality makes it suitable for making car engine. Meanwhile, it is also anti-rust. This can long the service time of engine.

Car wheel hub making

Except for the car engine, you can use the aluminium 5454 for car wheel making as well. Wheel hub is a significant part in car manufacturing. It main function is bearing the whole car weight. Many people uses steel plate for making car wheel hub. Nowadays, there are more and more car manufacturers utilize aluminum for wheel hub making instead of steel. Its weight is one third of steel plates. For your reference, 5754 aluminum plate strength is higher than 5052. It’s a popular choice in the car making industry.

5454 Aluminum for Car Engine
5454 Aluminum for Car Engine

5454 aluminum sheet, the most suitable choice for your tank truck

5454 aluminum sheet is famous for making tank car. In Europe, America, Australia and Japan, 90% of the tank trucks utilize aluminium sheets for making tank car cylinder. Generally, the aluminium tank truck weight is 3000-4000kg less than that of the carbon steel tank truck. Using aluminium for tank trucks making, it can decrease both the fuel consumption and tire wear in transportation. Therefore, it helps reduce the maintenance cost.

Generally, you can use our 5454 aluminium sheets for tanker body, tanker head and wash board. Utilizing 5454 aluminium magnesium alloy sheets for tanker manufacturing, you can transport any liquid or liquefied gases without protect layer. Meanwhile, because of the good conductivity and energy absorption performance of 5454 aluminium tanker, there will be less accidents. For example, there will be no sparks if it collides with other cars. This can avoid the explosion. We have 5454 h32 aluminium sheets, 5454 aluminium alloy h111 sheet, 5454 O aluminium plate for your tank making. Besides, there are some other tempers with different width and thickness for your reference.

5454 Aluminum Plate for Tank Truck
5454 Aluminum Plate for Tank Truck

Climb, reliable 5454 aluminium plate supplier in China at factory price

Our factory, Henan Wanda Aluminium Co., Ltd. is an experienced aluminium sheets and coils manufacturer. We have been manufacture it for over 20 years. Especially, 5000 series aluminium magnesium alloy is our twist product. There are about 10 workshops in our factory for making aluminium sheets and aluminium coil rolls. Especially, we have two laboratories for testing the products quality. Whether for the alloy content, thickness, width or the surface flatness, we have special instrument for testing it. Thus, it can be guaranteed that our aluminium sheets quality are excellent as you required or as the standard.

Our factory can provide 1000 series pure aluminium, 3003 aluminium alloy sheets, 5000 series aluminium plates and also 6000 series aluminium thick plates. Whether you want any types of aluminium sheets, we can meet your needs. At the same time, we have 2400 hot rolling machine and 2450 cold rolling equipment for making wide aluminium sheets. The width can reach 2250mm. And it is also applicable to anneal the aluminium sheets free. You do not need to pay extra fee. For your different requirements on aluminium alloy, thickness, width and tempers, we can offer you at different prices. And we can make sure it the prices are factory prices.

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